single and ready for someone to fall in love with me already like damn

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This has been in my drafts for too long. Too many of my animated crushes are on here. (Ten year old me LOVED Arnold.)

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Name: Candice
  • Birthday: December 10
  • Favourite colour: purple
  • Lucky number:  7
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Talents: Finding good parking spaces and attracting mosquitoes. And telling stories, I guess.
  • Last dream you remember: I was pregnant and trying to figure out how to not be. It was scary.
  • Can you juggle:  …does two balls count? Not three.
  • Art/sports/both:  art.
  • Do you like writing: UH YEAH.
  • Do you like dancing: not really, only when I’m alone.
  • Do you like singing: Yes.


  • Dream vacation: France, because I am cliche like that.
  • Dream guy/gal: Chris Evans, basically.
  • Dream wedding: happens in the late spring, I get to change into a suit for the reception, the first dance song is “Adore” by Prince, and there’s an open bar.
  • Dream pet: a dog of some kind.
  • Dream job: writing or producing (or doing post-production) for TV or a web series.
Favourite song: Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey.
  • Last song you heard on the radio: I don’t even remember?!
  • Least favourite song: I know it’s cliche as all hell to say Nickelback, but “Photograph” is one of those songs that makes me irrationally angry.
Least favourite album: I don’t even know.


Guys/girls/nonbinary people/all/none: Gentlemen, but I can appreciate beauty.
  • Hair colour:  As long as its attractive (Stealing Kiran’s)
Eye colour: Again, as long as its hot. (also stealing Kiran’s)
  • Humorous/serious: Humorous.
  • Taller/shorter: Tall, but like, if the short dude is hot and awesome, I’m not gonna be like bye bitch. (stealing Kiran’s for the third time.)
  • Biggest turn-off: Egoism and ignorance.
  • Biggest turn-on: Kindness and open-mindedness.

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"Funny girls like you don’t get boyfriends. Funny girls like you get boys who are friends who want to date your boring pretty friends but also have you around to make them laugh."

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Way too friggin’ close to home.

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"A long time ago, before I put on this mask, I was afraid of everything.”

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yes but also these



  • the ‘camp counselors at the same sleep away camp’ au
  • the ‘my new fbi partner/consultant is really hot’ au
  • the ‘we have to sing a duet together but i hate you’ au
  • the ‘i should not be this attracted to the new intern’ au
  • the ‘you accidentally shipped this weird thing to my apartment’ au
  • the ‘my new best friend’s sibling is so hot’ au
  • the ‘forced lab partners’ au
  • the ‘you just joined the -sports team here- that i’m the captain of’ au
  • the ‘we both tried to grab the last copy of that book in the shop’ au
  • the ‘we went to a con/party dressed as a couple on accident’ au
  • the ‘my roommate’s best friend is really obnoxious but also hot’ au
  • the ‘we’re the only ones in this subway car and the metro broke down’ au
  • the ‘new bartender at my favorite bar is unfairly attractive’ au

You guys know the drill. Pairing + AU in my ask box, please.

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